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    AS + Work out = insomnia

    How can I make myself go to bed under these circumstances...I'm wired and drunk+high at 5:30am...WTF

    I have melantonin which works pretty well, but i don't like to take it often b/c it meses with your serantonin levels..also have a limited supply of Ambien, which i phuckin' luv, but they can be physically/mentally addictive over a period of time. I need a way to get on a regular routine. No Tylenol pm recommendations please. I hate waking up groggy.


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    Big I have this problem alot of times, almost every night. I find that it is usually more mental. Therefore if I do something to help me relax, and wine down. For instance, I will workout later in the afternoon say around 7ish pm, and then come home take a very hot shower, or bath, watch TV while layin in bed, (stay off AR that night if I want to sleep that night). and just try to relax as much as possible.

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    I've always had an insomnia problem. Drives my g/f nuts when I wake up at 4am totally wired. What did calm me down a bit was to put a small fan next to my bed. The noise cancels out everything around me and helps me sleep. You should also practice clearing your thoughts and breathing. A racing mind is my worse problem.

    I too went on the Melantonin for a while. It helped but I stopped it cause I didn't want to take it every night. My g/f said its fine to take all the time but I don't think anything is fine to take 100% of the time. I'll prob do a 2 month on 2 month off cycle.

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