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Thread: sore chest!!

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    sore chest!!

    has anyone ever had a pec injection? its been 2 days and damn im still sore. it was fina made at 75mg/ml potency, 1 ml in each pec.

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    Fina I have heard will make you sore. I am debating on whether to try shootin my sus in my chest, if it makes me feel the way my thigh injects feel, no way... will wait till my EQ get's here. I stayed sore for about a week in my thigh injecting Sus, that is thw worst, but, so give it about 4 more days, the soreness goes away. You may want to read about my sus soreness tips that may help with that fina soreness..
    Good luck bud..

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    i get the least sore in my pecs and glutes. the pec is one of my fav areas to shoot.

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