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    Veterinarian products and Flu symptoms


    Has anyone experienced these symptoms via the use of Veterinarian products... peticularly, Win-V / upjohn or EQ ( mexican ).

    Regards.... ENJ

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    It's called roid flu. U are flooding your body with foreign substances, and it is reacting like it would to a bacteria infection, it will pass in a few days when ur body becomes accustomed.

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    Yeah I have gotten it from Eq, you can also get it form sust. It does pass in a few days like nimrod said. You can also get it from sust.


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    Can you also get this from Test 400?

    The day after I shoot, I feel like I have a cold (lethargic, body aches, night sweats a little). This goes away by the second day after....but watch out for the ass pains! OUCH! My glutes swell up and get hard and sore from injecting 400.

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    The Iron Game Guest
    clever, add 50mgs/ml eq into that or eliminate some of the benzly alc

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    I have that all the time especally when I use anadrol you get used to it

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    Mike Guest
    damn cleveland every post you have made is about your test400 problems - stop using it - I dont even care for the stuff myself - sure its a wonderful theory but it's a load of shit

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    CYCLEON Guest
    yeah - most juice can give u the flu, sust, eq, seems like alll of them - thats why i start taking echinacia bout a week before. DNP flu is the worst tho. funy thing is the worst one i ever got was from an otc, lipoK - started taking 6 ED right off the bat and within 3 days i had a major ragin flu - killed my training for a week.

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    Mike Guest
    Hmmm never thought about that - hey cycleon - you find the echinacia works for you? I didnt know if it would as it would be bacteria based...very interesting

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