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    Clen, women, predictions, 2 days or 2 weeks, anabolic/anticatabolic?

    Like any clen treatment/therapy, the two vital components are diet and cardiovascular excercise while calculating an optimal doasge through trial and error. The importance is compounded in females and when AS are absent. Dosaging and general predictions are difficult to assess as all metabolic activity unique in cellular tissues.

    IMO, the 2 days on, 2 days off theory is quite a waste of time as clen's half-life exceeds the 2 day period, so rather than having a break, you are still on, per say, constantly, just on a lower dose.
    With that said, some knowlegable bro's may/will disagree.

    The best method of cycling clen use is as described in excellent fashion IMO, below, of 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off as this gives the receptors chance to clear completely 100% and avoid saturation.

    One can only predict that clen treatment will create or nurture a favorable environment in your body to increase its ability to burn extra bodyfat through temperature elevation, only when accompanied by a personally suited excercise regimen. Not a magic pill at all. Definately anti-catabolic! But in humans, nor more anabolic than a steak and a good nights sleep. In some rodent genus, anabolic in animals as the possess certain b-3 receptors absent in humans. Recall, anabolic steroids in general, means possessing androgenic qualities as well, even if extremely low as a primobolan or anavar . Androgenic and clen are not in the same playground.

    Specific and quantitative predictions are impossible to predict as each of us is 100% unique. Side effects included. Generally speaking, when you create and nurture the environment that I just described above, you may/will experience some of the following, inclusive/exclusive to some extent....increase sweats, shakes, trembling, headaches, jittery, restlessness, sleep disturbances.

    With that said, start taking your clen and slowly increase your dose daily. Generally speaking, women often fall into the 3-5 tabs per day range. So start with one when you awaken from bed. Hit another around 12-1 pm. Assess your tolerance, and go to Day 2. Add a third one when you are "ready" to. Ready means no evidence or tolerable evidence of shakes usually.

    As a rule, increase the dosage by one tab per day until SE's (side effects) become too strong, generally shakiness of the hands and rest of you. Either stay there for a while or pull back 1 tab.

    In essence, tabs are split evenly throughout the day to minimize SE's. However, not necessary, as 1/2 life is way beyond 48 hours. Thus, tabs can be taken all at once theoretically. I know of several top bro's who have a long history of clen tolerance and experimentation, and utilize this route by swallowing ALL at sunrise.

    IMO, clen is best utilized/optimized in a 2 week on, 2 week off schedule. (Cycled)This will help avoid saturation of receptors. So after 14 days, stop, and switch to your favorite formula of hydroxy cut, etc. Or for two weeks, try the E/C/A stack, ephedrine, aspirin, caffeine.

    Essentially, there is no wrong way! Just do'nt under or overdose. Trite but true.

    Later mates.

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    Ventipulmin, liquid clen users:

    Ventipulmin is the bomb. Generally, measure in an empty syringe for greatest accuracy. ie, do not guage dosages via the "the pump".

    For females, begin with 1cc under the tongue, twice in the AM hours. Add a third cc in early afternoon as you assess tolerance.

    Males 1.5-2cc's every 3-4 hours as tolerance assed.

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    Great post Planetx, I would agree with you, my personal experience with clen is best to do 2 weeks on 2 weeks off with eca stack on the off weeks.

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