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    ANAVAR-evidence based

    I read a lot of medical journals and recently been reviewing studies with anabolics. Lots of research has been done in the past 3 or 4 years using Anavar (oxandrolone) in patients with various wasting diseases (HIV, various cancers, non-healing ulcers, burn patients). Just about every study I read had very significantly positive results. Most of the studies gave patients about 20mg/day and looked at fat-free weight gain, appetite, strength, and functional increases during administration of the drug between 2 weeks and several months. Many of the studies reported significant weight and strength gain compared to blinded placebo groups, even in the absence of resistance exercise. Out of all the studies I read only 1 patient withdrew because of elevated liver fxn. which reversed shortly after stopping the drug. This was the only side effect even mentioned. It decreased hospital lengths for those who were hospitalized as well. Its good that the medical community is finally recognizing some of the useful benefits of the safer anabolics. Does this mean we will go back to, but it is a step in the right direction and perhaps someday certain steroids will be more easily accessible. Also, steroids will hopefully not be held to the same legal standards as narcotics and other substances which are universally harmful for users and society.
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    for the law to get changed you are going to have to have someone who benefits (besides BBs) - this group will be able to give cash and votes to a congressman to sponsor ia bill so that juice is delisted as a controlled item (or made to be category 5, etc) - without some large and legitimate group backing, dream on - the supplement companies need it illegal - the DEA gtets more funds, etc...

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    it is very easy for sick patients to get a script for anavar . this is perfectly legal.

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    I think I'm sick. Wheres the VAR???????????

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    good post....bump

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