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    Sustanon or sustenon

    I all I am 22 years old and I have been doing a little more than a year of reserch before I start juicing. this may sound like dumbest queston you all have heard but a friend of mine who I don't really trust all that much told me that Sustanon 250 and Sustenon 250 are two completly different things and I was under the ssumption that they were teh exact same thing jsut different speeling if you all would please help me out I would be forever greatfull

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    bro your friend is puffin the cheeba a lil too much. You are right, it is the same thing, unless they JUST came out with some new AS, which I doubt is the case...Now im just babbling blah blah blah blah , and last wednesday....

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    That is exactly why u don't trust him that much. Cause he full of shit.

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    nope, thats why ull learn more off of being on this board for 6 months than speaking to your friends for 6 years.

    Sust is made in different countries and is spelled differently depending on the brand but it is all the same stuff basically.

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    Thats not a stupid question your friend is. kick him in his shins for me. I was curious how was he distinguishing them apart?

    Fast R

    p.s. i think I need to change my picture now.

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