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    Can i get arrested for ordering clenbuterol & T3??

    I have ordered from this certain website 3 times now in the past 4 months and each time i would order 3 bottles of cynomel and 16 boxes of clenbuterol for dirt cheap! but my concern is being this stuff is not something you get off the shelf and need a prescription for could i get arrested for buying this stuff?
    the place i order it from there office is in the US but the product comes from mexico and has to go through customs it just freaks me out thinking my name is red flaged as a buyer for this stuff and if i keep ordering like every 6 weeks or so i will eventually have the pigs at my door to take me in.
    what do you thinks about this?

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    If you live in the US then yes.

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    Is a website pharmacy?

    The only way to get around legal problems is to buy it in liquid form and it must be labeled for research purposes only Not for Human consumption.

    Then there is no proof that you are breaking prescription/trademark or patent laws because you are not using it for humans.

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