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Thread: EQ vs. Deca

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    EQ vs. Deca

    Just wanted to comment on EQ vs. Deca . I have been a big deca fan for years. I kept reading how alot of you guys are down on deca and prefer EQ. Well, this cycle I thought what the hell, it's time to give it a try. Man, I love this shit!!
    It almost seems like it is having a cutting effect. And does anyone else feel like they just can't stop f**king eating when on it???
    Can anyone comment on these side effects, cutting and hunger?
    Is this normal? I am on 400mg/every 5 days. want to go about 10 weeks. I am on week 4 right now. Also on 50mg/ed winny.

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    The Eq and winny combo will help you cut and yes the hunger is a "side" of Eq enjoy it bro

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    i prefer eq for bulking over deca anyday.

    i prefer tren over eq for bulking anyday.

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