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    Unhappy How bad is deca for you? What sides do most people get?

    Ok i've just done some more research on deca , and tell you the truth im worried now. I hear about bitch tits, deca dick and a few other things, is deca really that bad for you? What are the most common sides from it? Will i probably get bitch tits? What can i take to prevent or stop any of these sides from occuring? I am currently take sust, my shots are taken on sun. and wed. this is how it is gonna go im currently going into week 6

    week 1-5
    500mg sust,

    week 6-10
    500mg of sust, and 200mg of deca

    week 11
    250mg sust, and 200mg deca

    week 12
    200mg deca

    3 weeks after the last shot, im gonna take clomids. Does this look good, and safe? Should i be taking anything else(anti e's) or something like that? Should i do it anything different?
    Thanks in advance

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    You should have run the deca all the way through the cycle but anyways, extend the sus to week 12 have nolvadex on hand and you should be fine with no sides. but everyone is different, i liked 400mg of deca a week and didnt have any sides!

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    Run your deca from week one alone with your sust for ten weeks. Deca can give you bitch tits, and the Nolva won't help it. But at only 200mg a week I really wouldn't worry about it. That is very light at 200mg.

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    200mg's is nothing, I wouldn't worry about side effects until you get into the 600-800mg range...

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    Personally any amount of deca and i look and feel crap! Acne, water retention, relatively minor gains and a significant post cycle crash. On the other hand the opposite is true for me with test whereby i feel strong and healthy and attain very good gains. Testoviron depot shots are especially good i find. I must be in a minority as i believe most guys do well on deca.

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