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    Important- Fina Conversion

    hey, i need some serious advice on this... i got the kit like everyone said, from pump n pose... they forgot the syringe filter and i had a hard time doing everything. all in all, i ended up with a solution that has whitish solid settled at the bottom, and the liquid is a brownish color(way more brown than the oil) i heated the mixture for a couple minutes on a hot plate to sterilize because i was told it doesnt really hurt the fina. should i bother letting my friend try it, he made it with me and he wants to do 1cc eod but i told him i wanted to get some advice first if he should try it. please help. thanks.

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    is it more brownish color or golden? i had a little trouble with the same kit but mine turned out a nice golden pee color but only about 18cc of it instead of the normal 22-23cc.

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    get some syringe filters...that should clear it up. pm me if you need help.

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    check out my previous post - i ended up filtering it and mine turned out nice and golden, but I sucked up a little of the brownish filler when filtering, thinking the filter wouldn't let it through to the oil, but it did... so now i have a nice golden pee colored vial with a couple blobs of brown stuff atthe bottom, i'm goign to steralize again by heating then cooling 3x in an oven, and I will just not inject the brown stuff. Hopefully this stuff will work well, supposed to be 75mg/ml, but like you... lost some powder, other stuff, probably more like 65-70mg/ml... good luck man.

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    those guys screwed me on filters before too. On 2 kits. When i called them the ytried to sell me the filters for $10 each saying i screwed the filters up and it was my fault. they didnt forget them.

    Anyway buy a filter from someplace else and the nuse it .Its worht waiting the couple days for the filter to come. pm me if you need to know where to find them.
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    see animal

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    i've done tren before with white sediment, that swooshs on the bottom when you shake it, its just a lttle binders, and glue, harmless!

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