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    ? on duration of Nolva for gyno

    Hope you can help, folks.

    I am taking Nolvadex for gyno. The concern over getting gyno is due to my use of proscar (finasteride). I am using 1.25 mg per day, everyday, for hairloss. I was starting to get some gyno symptoms when I started the nolva.

    According to doctors, you get more estrogen since most of your testosterone is blocked from converting to DHT, so it wants to convert to estrogen at a higher rate.

    My question is, how long is it "safe" to be on the Nolvadex ? I have been taking 10 mg per day for several weeks now.

    How long is a dose of 10 mg to 20 mg per day safe ?

    Should I cycle on and off of the Nolva ?

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    time isnt an issue but if ur looking to get rid of gyno then u shuold be running it at higher doses like 60-80mg/day but if ur just using it to prevent gyno then keep using that amount

    people use nolva all during cycle so theres no problem with staying on it for long periods at a time

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