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    Ome out of the Big MD, but go to school at UVa

    Does anyone know if it is a legit site

    I know that you shuld never order off a website because 9 times out of 10 they are just going to rip you off but I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of **********.com if anyone has any info about them I would ge greatfull.

    comon fellas read the rules ----------- dont be posting these sites up here! only reason we allowed pharmagroup is cause we put them in the scammer category - got to email or PM privately for this sort of thing.

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    Search all the scammers lists on this site and others if they are on it smile gracefully cos you saved yourself some money if not PM a mod after searching first


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    Hey guy, I wouldn't go with any site at all. If you want some legit email addys of transexual chicks (mike likes those I hear!) hit me at [email protected]

    read the rules - that is a little too close to violation - good to help a bro but do it privately - the rest of us dont need to know anything about trani chicks (cept maybe mike).

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    Mike Guest
    You bastard - at first I was thinking - who the fuck is this J-killer guy and where does he get off? This is going to far.....but then I smelled the perfume ALL OVER that post and I know JUST who edited it <G>

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    heeee Mike, I love dat dude, he always comes back with a good one.. man, Mike they love pickin on ya eh? Not that i would ever do a dirty rotten thing like that... Ya woe..

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