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    how should i cut???

    OK serioulsy. 6'4 245 18" bis 54" chest 36 waist.
    I just come off a sust/deca for 8 weeks. I was at 255 then. followed with winny for 4 weeks. The last 2 weeks of that i switched to a cutting diet and workout with clen . Cut down to 245 kept all gains.

    I want to cut down to about 225. I was thinking of running 3 more weeks of winny and 6 weeks of anavar to harden up with clen/xenedrine rotation. I really only have a few prob areas that i need to take care of so i was also thinkin of throwing some spot injections with kyno in somehow.

    I need some opinions on how to run this together.

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    Make sure you take enough time off the first mention cycle before you jump into the next. B/C if you don't, gains will be harder to come by. After proper rest, look into doing a cycle with fina. Of course stacked with some test and maybe throw in some eq.

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    how long was your cycle? if it was not one continuous cycle how much time did you take off in between?

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