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Thread: signs of gyno

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    signs of gyno

    I have been running 400 dec & 500 sus a week for about 7 weeks now. In the beginning I was also using 25 prov & 10 Nolv to keep water retention and to prevent any possible signs of gyno on my 4 week I stoped taking the nolv cause I felt that I should of gain more by then on the 6 week I must of gain about 5 ponds very easy but Sat afternoon I touched my nipples and my left one was real sore my right one is not that bad are these the first signs of gyno How much Nolv should I start taking to get rid of it?? Should I take 20mg today and just keep running 10 until I finished my cycle!! which I intend to run for a total of 12 weeks .

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    Sounds like you are getting early symptoms of gyno, yes, Nolv @ 20mg a day should take care of that.
    Yes I would run it all the way thru your cycle and even run it during your clomid. I do, I run nolv almost all the way thru my cycle, depending on what I am running.
    Alot of folks say that Nolv will hinder gains, but my opinion is, I would rather hinder my gains than get gyno and have to have a 2000 surgery to correct it.

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    20-40mg nolva should be effective at this point unless the gyno is progestenic from deca ...

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    Does that mean Nolvadex will not prevent/treat gyno if you're doing a Deca . only cycle? I ask because this is my likely first time cycle.

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