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    Why does it seem like everyone uses nolva over proviron ? isn't the prov. cheaper and more effective?

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    Proviron and Nolva perform different roles, Nolva is cheaper for me.

    Proviron has some qualities which are often over-looked.

    Nolva is often only used when nec, i.e. when gyno signs occur. Whereas Proviron can be taken the whole cycle as an anti-aromatise and also to increase the affectiveness of the other AAS being used.


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    depends what you want i find proviron useless for gyno doesnt come close to nolva and armidex is even better, that is my choice from now on all the time. Proviron i throw in sometimes just for the sake of it however its never really done anything i have noticed didnt help for gyno at 50mg ed cos its a poor anti aromatize its not an anti e it works differently to anti estrogens as in its supposed to stop any spillage aromatising to estrogen where as nolva would block it binding after conversion


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    i ran proviron throughout my whole cycle, and it seemed to help a great deal gyno wise and keeping the libido from crashing to the floor. i ran 50mg ed for 10 weeks and then another 50 mg with my clomid therapy afterwards also. imho, its great for solidifying gains at the end too.

    peace bb79

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