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Thread: Cycle ????

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    Question Cycle ????

    1-15 .5mg Armidex p/d
    1-2 300mg Testolent
    1-9 500mg Test Depot
    10-12 500mg Testolent
    1-9 600mg **EQ
    1-4 **Anavar 8p/d
    7-12 **Tren 40mg p/d
    7-12**Winny 50mg p/d
    13-15 Clomid, 100, 50, 50

    Where and how would I incorporate T3 and Clen in this cycle???

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    your cycle looks pretty solid.

    i would not incorporate t3 or clen in this cycle and would take out either tren or eq. personally i'd axe the eq and go with the tren. everything else looks solid though. if you have more anavar tabs run it for as long as you can. 80mg/day may be overkill though. i'd go with 50mg/day for more time....

    you also can get away with starting arimidex a little later in your cycle, when water retention start to creep up.

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