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    Looking for sugestions for my next cycle / Please help

    My last cycle was sus 500mgs / eq 600mgs for 14 weeks
    with winny eod for the last 6 weeks. made very good gains and got lean as hell..... But this time i want a little more what could i substitute instead of sus , i heard that the nile sus is a little under dosed. i dont want to blow up wit water either , i know its impossible to gain mass and stay lean i want to keep as much as possible with little side effects, i had no side effects with my last cycle... i love EQ and winny so give me the best test to run with theses ........ I want to run like a 12 - 14 week cycle again
    was 5'10 180lbs before now im 5'10" 205lbs with 7% bf
    i want to be 225lb by summer Help please

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    WOw, great results, nice job! No sides, nice! I want to give Winny a try so bad, but am scared shitless about going bald.

    So your looking to gain another 20-25lbs...well. Make sure you allow your recptors some time to recover. I don't know brother, your not looking to put on I'd start with Test Prop as a base...add EQ in again since it worked well for you with no sides...and mabey try some Anavar ? This is my next cycle. I gained 25lbs as well on my first cycle of Sus/EQ. 180 to 205, just like you. I not expecting to gain that much again of course, but hey 5-10lbs of lean mass would be nice. See what the other bro's gotta say....good luck dog.


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    i like wan2b's idea...prop/eq/anavar or winstrol . if you don't want to do ed or eod injections maybe go with enanthate . that is alot of weight you want by summer though. i've got the same goals as you...except i'm not worried with sides. i will be doing enanthate/fina/dbol .

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    good job. how long has it been since your last shot of eq? add 17 weeks to that and you should be ready for your next cycle.

    you can sub t200 or cyp for sust and save a lot of money.

    if you run it for 14 weeks again i'd suggest about 5000iu of hcg in there at around wk 10 or 11.

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