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    wazup,newbie a few questions can any1help??

    Waz up everyone!!!! this is my first post question, ive responded to a lot of other post though, maybe youve seen me around. Im learning a lot here this site is AWSOME, the search button is my new best friend!!! Im gonna post a pic as soon as i get hold of a digital cam but Im a black male 24 years old 220 5'11 1/2 about 12-15% bf just got finished bulking about to cut. I wanna pop my cherry soooooooo bad and start my 1st cycle but im on a budget right now and since ive started to learn about AS from everyone i know its best to wait until i can save up for a proper 1 cycle instead of so some halfass cycle.

    ANYWAYS heres my question.
    Im about to cut so i wanna get some clen wondering how much that would probably run me?? (I know prices vary from one source to another just want an estimate). im still debating rather to do the 2 weeks on 2 weeks off cycle or 2 days on 2 days off cycle. Either way i want a months worth. Also what is the best brand?? I know this is a pretty vague question but any help would be appreciated. hope i dont get flamed to bad for this question.

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    For first timers try:
    day 1-2, 1 tab
    day 3-5, 2 tabs
    day 6 -9, 3 tabs
    day 10 - 14, 4 tabs



    2weeks on 2weeks off is ideal ,you dont have to do it some do 2days on 2days off,thats upto you ,JMO JMO JMO!!!!!!!!!!

    for brands i am unsure ,only brand i seen of is ** but there is others i seen but i dont know the company who produces it

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    tabs can be 25 cents/tab to $1/tab.

    get spiropent of novagam. whatever you do don't get oxyflux or any clen that comes in a bottle. they're real, but they're real shitty too.

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