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    Exclamation Doctor check-ups for juice heads

    I've made a doctor apt. to check everything out and make sure I'm healthy before I start my next cycle (which all juice heads should).

    My question is, what should I get checked???

    I've made a list of everything I can think of to ask the doctor, please add to or comment on the items in the list:

    1) Blood pressure
    2) Cholesterol levels (LDL/HDL)
    3) Sperm count
    4) Blood work - for liver values
    5) Kidney questions - are there any ways they can measure how your kidneys are functionin?)

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    thats pretty much it ,he can tap them to see if they hurt and stuff and from the blood work they can tell if anything is wrong!

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    Yes on the kidneys. They can take a blood test to check for blood sugar levels, hepatic (liver), thyroid and renal (kidney) functions ... and other stuff .. ask your doctor what he recommends ... it has alot to do with your age!
    You can and should monitor your blood pressure yourself throughout the cycle and you could as well get a cholesterol check in the middle of it just to know how hard the stuff is hitting your system. Good luck man!

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    ask about getting a PSA done.. i think its for Prostate Specific Antigens

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