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    Question about my cycle of Test 200

    Ok here it is...well first let me give you some background. This is my third cycle in 2 years. The first two were Test Depot and Duratest. Now here is my problem. I just took my 8th shot today of Test 200 and went and worked out and everything, but I was definitely weaker today than ever, and have been getting weaker gradually, and I have lost weight instead of gaining weight. I have been working out just as hard now than I did before, when I took the other cycles, and I don't see any results. I first thought maybe it was fake...but if it was fake I don't think I would be loosing strength. I was benching around 305 before I started and today I barely got 275 twice. Anyone have any idea of what could be wrong. I have heard that sometimes it will not hit you until you are done, could that be the case??? Also, if this helps, maybe not, but everytime I take a shot, I have a hard bump pop up and this never happened when I took the Duratest or the Test Depot. So if anyone may have a solution or reason please reply....I would love to know what is going on. I eat right to so it is not liek I am not eating.

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    to be honest

    it might not be the sauce but you could be overtraining. thats exactly what it sounds like. give me some infop on your training and it will be easier to determine whats going on.

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    yeah, it could be overtraining, but i have a suspicion that it is fake. how long have you been on so far?

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