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    Question on HGH+general Question on price

    Hey all, this is my 1st post but I have been reading around a lot. I am thinking about using HGH to increase gains rather than roids. I'm wondering about bone growth tho because I'm not 'sure' if I am done growing or not, but most likely am (19 yo). I don't want to use roids yet, exactly, cause they could keep me from growing, but then I am wondering if growth hormone will make me taller if my plates aren't fused. I've heard people say it will make you taller, and also say that it will only do so if you are abnormally short. Anyone got the real deal? If it makes me taller, cool.
    However, apparently HGH is not that affective alone. Also, estrogen is responsible for fusing growth plates and not roids, yes?
    I could I see relatively safe, but solid results with HGH+Dbol at the beginning of my HGH, and then the estrogens would have leveled off by the time HGH is done (and HGH increases test to keep the estrogen in check while on DBol)? Or what other oral is particularly good with HGH to release the IGF1's.
    Or HGH+oxandrolone?
    Any heavier amount of steroids than that I don't think I should be taking quite yet.
    How vital is it to use insulin with HGH? I am just not ready to go that far to f*ck with that stuff. Seems to dangerous.
    Hope this isn't a dumb question, but it seems legit to me so what you can tell me is appreciated.

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    You are too young and too inexperienced to even consider hGH use. No offense, but hGH is for the mature BB'er who has trained for years, naturally and then with traditional steroids , and is at a plateau that can not be broken by regular means.

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    ironmaster is right u want 2 be at least 28 to start usin hgh and trained for at least 10 years if u want 2 go ahead with it .,i would go with 4 iu per day...5 days on 2 days off..

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