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Thread: Injecting Spots

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    Injecting Spots


    I posted yesterday and asked about injecting elsewhere besides my ass (since its a little fat and big). Most of you recommended my thigh and delt.

    My question, is it OK to inject the rest of my cycle (7 weeks) in my thigh or should I switch between the thigh and delts. All I have is 20 gauge....hope it wont hurt too much.

    Let me know guys.


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    switch it up between all 3- the glute, quad and delt. 20 gauge is a little thick, try to get 23 gauge

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    First off what are you injeting? A 20 gauge needle is a big mofo. I personally use a 25 gauge in my thigh, but I shoot sustanon . Have you looked at this site yet for site injects, it will give you some more injection site ideas.

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