Hi Everyone, I just joined the board and this is my first post. I want to use roids "If I had a source" but with my circumstances I have to do what I can and try the Market Hype thats out there. I'm 27 and have been working out off and on for several years, this time I am committed more than ever to get mass and definition and I work out about 5 times a week. My cycle consists of Creating Fuel Stack "3 before working out, 3 after", Mega Fuel "2 before workout", L-Glutamine, Aminogen, 3-Alpha "by Molecular", and Boldione "by Molecular" and I follow up with a 16 oz Protein drink.

I have pretty good genetics and getting toned comes fairly easy to me. I am about 6'3" and weigh 225. All the years I have worked out it seems I reach a plateua and can't get passed it. I want to putt on some good mass and definintion, my physique is good but I am getting frustrated not being able to get very noticeable results. I would kill for some roids but can't find a source. I just need some help and advice on what you guy's think about my supplements? I won't ask for a source cause I know I will get my ass ripped. So I appreciate your time and suggestions etc. Thanks