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    2nd Cycle...unsure

    After my first cyle i saw decent results gaining about 20lbs from 25mg/day of dbol for week 1 and 2 and 200mg/week of enathate and 200mg/weeks od deca for 10 weeks.

    for my second cylce i have been thinking about this
    25mg/day dbol for first two weeks
    300mg/week deca 10 weeks
    im not sure about what else i want to include and the amounts
    would i be better of going with enanthate or cypionate or should i go for sustanon also with the enanthate or cypionate should i do about 200mg/week or increase that to 400mg/week. If the sustanon would be better 250mg/week or 500mg/week?

    In addition to that the last cycle i did not use either clomid or hcg should i include that in this cycle and when/what amounts should i use? also on the last cycle i did not have.need nolvadex will it be necissary on this cycle?

    The main goal that i want to achive is size, im still rather small even after my first cycle. Im currently at 5'10 160lbs and would like to see that go up considerably.

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    I would not recommend doing the same gear as you just finished. Alternate your deca and EQ. Don't take the same test-esters back to back. Don't take d-bol back to back. Your receptor sites need to upgrade because you just got finished downgrading them. Change things up and never do the same gear back to back.
    As for the Nolvadex , keep it on hand always when on gear, even on Anavar never know..


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    take some arimidex , save you with the bloat and the gyno

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