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    Question How do you train for a cutting cycle

    Hey Guys...I am going to be starting a cut cycle in two months and I just realized that I only know how to train for mass!! So how do I train for getting cut?? Is it low weight and high reps or do I still train heavy? Do I stay away from any exercises in particular? Free Weights or Machines? Is there ever TOO MUCH Cardio I can do? I am 6'1 255lbs with 23% body fat...I am trying to drop alot of the fat before I start a mass cycle. I plan on using Winstrol , Deca , and Clen in my cycle. Can anyone help?

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    I am currently cutting now....still lifting heavy..but sticking to free weight movements and training 4 times a week...also doing lots of cardio 5 times a week in the morn on and empty stomach.

    What does you training program look like now? Do you do any cardio?

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    How about EQ instead of Deca ? Vascularity is real good. I guess all is contingent on diet, training, and rest. But, I am wondering if deca is such a good choice. guess winny would keep bloat down somewhat. Test?

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