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    Different AS Brand Opinions???

    Having a hard time understanding how the different brands of the same AS effect people differently. Some say such and such brand is the best, some say it's just OK, some say it's lousy and others recommend different brands that offer supposedly better quality. How can this be, if the same chemical compostion is in each brand??? How can the results differ?? Of couse I'm talking mg equivalent.

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    The differnece is that you're hearing people talk about vet grade from Mexico. It's commonly underdosed.

    You would be correct if we were talking about US Pharmacy grade gear.

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    Bro, whatever you can get your hands on, I'd go for it. I stick to TTokkyo products b/c I have had great results with them in the past.

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    like meth says, human grade US phamacy meds are the best in terms of quality, dosage and sterilty. But, alot of bros use vet gear because of the cost and large supply! Ideal situation would be getting it legally from the doc! but we all cant do that!! I've used both with the same results!

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