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    Post Nolva Vs. Clomid... Interesting Read

    ok guys... just to fuel the fire as to speak, check out this article on nolva vs. clomid for test stimulation purposes. I'm not fully convinced because Im too lazy to really dig in and do an all out term paper level research project on this one, but I would like to know what everyone thinks on this.

    Go here and then click on the "clomid, nolva, and test stimulation" link on the left frame >

    i think someone posted a thread about this subject a few days ago so if this link is to the same article, I will delete this thread ASAP.

    btw- I'd really like to see what TNT and some of the other gurus think about all this nolva vs. clomid for test stimulation.

    one more thing, that link has a bunch of really interesting articles which you might want to check out as well.. especially the one about Synovex.

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    there was a big argument about this on another board - cant find the thread now though!

    as i recal doc evil rippped this argument down in flames a few times and the person responsible for the post just got upset at being wrong......... im no chemist! ill go with doc evil - he seems to back up his args without the need to scream abuse!

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    yeah Kaz that was on and it was with that cat guy i think. certainly a good discussion untill that cat guy got all prissy, i must go have a look to see if doc evil replied to this guys argument because last i saw was the guy had a bit of a following due to doc not responding...................HITMAN

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