i am currently on my 6th week of a 8 week cycle and i have booked a holiday and i need to lenghten my clcle by about 3 weeks so that i have enough time to diet using clen ans eca and some winny ! so i time it just right so i look like a bad ass on hol !
current cycle looks like this ;
week 1; sus 250mg prop 100mg eod
week2;same as above
week 3 ; same as above
week 4 sus 500mg prop 100mg eod
week 5 as above
week 6 sus 500mg prop 100mg , and 20mg debol
week 7 as above
week 8 as above
i have all the above gear and in 2 weeks i am getting some test ethanate how does this sound ?
week 9-10-11 500mg test enthenate with prop 100mg and 30mg debol ?
then winny for 3 weeks with clen and eca ?
then another 2 weeks with eca clen and clomid and hcg ?

i know its a bit of a jumble but i did not know when i was going on hol !!!!!!!! please help ?