I have a small case of gyno, just some like 3-4mm lumps behind my niple, you cant see it when i get out of the shower, but when i relax my nips are puffy.........didnt do a cycle in a long time (over a 6 months) and the last one was primo=winy......but i used a lot of E, like 5-9 a night, every or every other weekend for the last like 18 moths, and a few days ago i found out it raises prolactin, squezed my nips.........and fluid came out! just a little, clear like water......anyway, i want to drop the E and to boost my confidence do a cycle of 100mg ED prop, 35 mg ED dbol and 500mg week EQ for 10 weeks (dbol the first 4-6).......

is 1mg arimidex and 10 mg nolva ED enough, or do i need more???

i ask this because i hope the puffines is because of the E and will go away.....should i try Vitex with my cycle?

I really dont want to risk getting the gyno worse........but i do want to get big again

(now 230 pounds, 34'' waist, 19'' cold bicep, 280-290 max bench)

was 255 2 years ago..............fuck the E