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    Testonilent (Romania) it is 250mg/ml?

    Saw someone asking about this stuff, and wasn't getting any answers, so I'm giving it a try. Anybody heard of Testonilent (Romania) it is 250mg/ml. It's Test. Prop...?

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    sorry bro...don't know

    he doesn't mean testolent prop 100mg?

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    This can be misleading, very misleading actually!! This is enanthante, not propionate , bro. (250mg /ml.)

    Yes, the description is "testosteron propionat"......Do not know why, maybe someone else can, but this is enanthante, I assure you. Comparable to Schering Primoteston.

    Another example, I hold here testex Leo prolongatum amps which of course we all know is test. cypionate at 125mg/ml at 2ml amps.

    Well the testex Leo ampules and package inserts clearly state that this product is in fact Ciclopentil Propionato de testerona. Easily construed as propionate at first glance. Cypionate all the way, however!!!

    Perhaps a well rounded world traveler can answer the reasoning behind propionat NOT BEING propionate as USA'ers know it!!!?? I know this for a fact, just do not know why.

    Hope this somehow helps bro!!!

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