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Thread: Injection pain

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    Injection pain

    Do any of you get sore off of 400mg of deca , (hurts to walk sore)?
    does adding 100mg of deca with sus stop sus soreness?
    do any of you get a little naucious about an hour after taking sus?

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    I always mix something with sus! 400mg of deca has never botherd me before. do you have TT labs deca, if so, some batches will hurt because of the high BA content!

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    its is more to do with the ba count of each, it is that which will cause the most sore pain, try shooting less, mixed with something with lower ba % and shoot it as deep as possible. May split the shot in to two shots so one in each cheek, still painful but not as much in each one.

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    i had some experiences with high ba content in the first TT cyp batches let me tell ya!forget walking for like a week .beside s the golf balls that it left you in your glutes tight as hell.never again.i never had the deca from them but with all the other deca ive done i never had no soreness what so ever.

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    hey '20 lets see the guns!

    i call 'bullshit' but if im wrong im dead! lol no flame but thats a pretty big claim, maybe you and big kev should arm wrestle lol

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