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    Cutting stack...

    Parabolan -
    8 weeks X 228 ml/ per week

    Winstrol -
    8 weeks X 350 ml/ per week

    Clen -
    weeks 1,2,5,6 X 1-6 tabs/ per day for 2 weeks

    weeks 3,4,7,8 X 2-4 pills/ per day for 2 weeks

    weeks 8-10 X 100mg/ per day week 8 tapered 50mg/ per day 9,10

    I need more I want to add Test, or Eq. Anyones opinion is greatly appearcited. I also want to know if weeks are long enoungh aswell for Clen/ECA,Winny, and Para. Thank You

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    um....i hope the parabolan you have was aqired a loooong time ago cause its not being made any more for a long time .(u mean tren ?)if u were to do just that the weeks are enough since it hits u within a week or so.i would recomend adding test aswell. some prop.if u want to add eq take one of the other lovely drugs off the list (personaly i love eq )and run the test aswell.if u add test extend it to 10 weeks.if u do decide to do this ,without the eq start clomid a week after last hit.eq is a long acting ester and the 3 week rule would apply like all the other tests (exept suspen.and prop.)clomid two tabs a day week one week two one a day for the second.

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    yea bro, that parabolin better old.

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    yeah if you mean fina, or tren acetate, then it's an ED inj anyhow so might as well mix some prop in with it. Which do you mean?

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