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    Two new true believers

    I warned my workout partner about Tren sexual effects, but he insisted on running 1/2 as much Prop. He said it did not affect his sex life. Riiiiiiiiiight! He changed that **** after about 5 weeks.
    Now I am becoming a believer about Winnie and joint pain-not that I doubted it before, but I have rotator cuff pain when I lift and it was WAY worse since I started drinking the Stan.
    No way is this scientific proof of jack-****, but it does corroborate what alot of people have said here.
    AR is a great resource!!!!!
    Peace and heavy weights!

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    Dude everyone is different, I have never experienced and joint pain on winny. And I know bros who have a good sex drive taking test and tren .

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    tren makes my sex drive go through the roof. test does not. everybodies different.

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