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    How many are planning out their next cycle while on this one?

    Just curious to know, I'm like 4 weeks away from finishing this one and already planning on what to run next. In the past I've alwasy done a huge bulker and an extreme cutter, two cycle a year. However, I'm going to try to stay leaner year round this time. Therefore, my next cycle will probably consist of some more EQ, maybe some primo or winny, if I'm going to run test cyp or e I'm hitting liquidex, even on a bulk or lean mass. I'm tired of getting puffy every fall and early winter.

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    always plannin next cycle

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    who doesnt man

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    I'm always thinking atleast one cycle ahead.

    As far as your cycle goes, I wouldn't bother with EQ, winny, or primo. I'd stick with test and tren .

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