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    Asking your doctor for drugs!

    Ok, I was just sitting here thinking and i know yall are gonna tell me to get all my gear before i start my cycle. Right now i have Deca 300, Test 400, Dbol , and clomid. If i start my cycle without anything for gyno and then notice that im getting it can i not go to the doctor and have him perscribe me something for it? Just a thought because wouldnt he have to give me something to stop it since he is a doctor?

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    I thought of doing the same thing but only going to him and telling him I was using steroids and and needed clomid or HCG 's to onset the side effects. He is a doctor and by law is required to keep all of your conversations to himself and can't go to the Feds, at least that is what I have been told. As far as doing it I have not got up the nerve to say anything yet.I can get that stuff any how but that would be much better if my prescription pay would pay for it instead.

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    umm, they cannot say anything by law however i believe non puberty induced gyno is not covered by most plans. when seeing a doc, he will tell you to wait a month to see if it goes away, after a month he will see you again and determine what to do if it is gone, if its not gone he will tell you to see another doc, i dont think it matters if u tell him ur on gear. the best way to get clomid i think is the way shown in another post. " get a girl to say she needs help ovulating" this is done at planned parenthood or other places like so. i have had a few freinds do this and it did indeed work but u must know the medical name for clomid which is something like clomidifen or something. sorry i forget it ofhand.

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    ... get all your anti-e's and clomid on hand before you even think about starting your cycle, period.
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