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    2nd cycle update

    Thought I'd drop in and post an update on my second cycle. Here it is...

    weeks 1-8 500mgs/week QV Test. enth.
    weeks 1-8 75mg ed Tren . Acetate
    weeks 2-11 200mgs/week Primobolan Depot
    weeks 8-12 100mgs eod QV Test. Prop.

    Nolv, Clomid and Liquidex for pct. (Pheedno style) starting 3 days after last Prop. shot

    I've got enough Nolvadex on hand for during my cycle in case of sore nips, and also for pct, but I've not seen any signs of gyno yet.

    I'm at the end of week five right now and I'm up 16lbs bodyweight and I've gotten so veiny and lean it's freaky. My lifts have skyrocketed in weight and when I'm in the gym- I don't want to leave. Pumps are insane. I'm liking this cycle alot and hopefully the Primo will help to solidify and keep some of the gains from the test and tren.

    Any advice you guys have would be awesome. Later...

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    Primo in that cycle is pointless, nothing will "solidify" your gains except a stout pct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joevette
    Primo in that cycle is pointless, nothing will "solidify" your gains except a stout pct.
    i agree the primo is a waste you would have to use a helluva lot more primo pw then that and it just plainly isn't worth it

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