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    Should I go on Sust 250 ot Test Susp?

    I'm 6''3 170lbs. Collegiate Division 1 Baseball player. I plan on doing this over the summer..I need muscle mass and weight. I have to be 185 lbs when I get back to school and I might get drug tested in October.. What should I do Sust 250 or Test Susp?? what is better??

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    if the drug test is for lucent tech then go with sust cuz they won't test for steroids . if it's an ncaa drug test then go with proprionate. suspension is probably a bit too harsh for you right now.

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    prop can definately blow you up man, i put 40 lbs on taking this and only took 10 shots, my body responded well to it, it was some good shit>>>hehe do it man...get huge

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