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Thread: dbol question

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    dbol question

    Hey people, just wondering what the long term affects of dbol is
    as far as keeping gains. Also, how long should a person stay on dbol??????

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    dbol is a 17aa steroid - you should be on it for no more than 4-5 weeks MAX and should not take HUGE amounts of it even then or you are looking to fry your liver!

    as far as keeping the gains - dbol is used in conjunction with other steroids - it acts fairly fast, where injectable take about 4 weeks to start working so......

    you take dbol for the first 4 weeks to kick start yourself and when you finish it the injectable that you are using will be kicking in

    to keep gains at the end of the cycle you should use clomid to get your natural test back into gear, since AS will shut that down.

    DONT do dbol on its own - its uncommon to keep much gain at all from such a cycle (if you can call it a cycle)

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    most people dont do dbol only, but if someone does, they gotta take it atleast 6 weeks to solidify gains and take clomid post cycle.

    anytime doing dbol for more than 6 weeks get your liver values checked, atlmost everyone is fine but still..

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    I know this isnt my post, but if someone does do a Dbol only cycle, is it going to stunt growth?, Some kid that trains at my Gym was asking me about this today, i didnt know what to say. I told him he was too young to juice,but i know he will anyhow. What do u guys think?

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