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Thread: Clomid or HCG?

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    Clomid or HCG?

    Being a newbie I thought that both Clomid and HCG will get my normal test. levels up and prevent gyno and test. shrinkage, no??? Are they not the same in their actions?


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    do some more research. you will learn a lot from reading the AR site.

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    Here's an old post that Methuselah did a good job of laying out a lot of what you are asking.

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    Hcg is much faster to get test levels back imediately but can aslo raise estrogen levels up. clomid does the same thing but has a mild estrogen blocking capability. Unless you have ben on a extremely harsh androgen cycle for a really long time clomid should more than do all you need to get natural test levels back up. I personally like to run hcg post cycle followed by clomid therapy for the following 4 weeks. Definately do a lot of research before you run Hcg, there is also is a right way to apply clomid.
    Depends on the type of test or half life of the aas you were using on the cycle.

    Good Luck! Shine.

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