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    Talking newbie need help

    hi ...... im new to the board, and i have a load of question in which i know it can be answered here. please help me guys.

    i have been lifting weights naturally for the past 2 years.
    i know weigh at 70 kg at 168 cm tall.
    for a natural comparison between other builders i know im not bad at all ..... but i really wat to achieve more and put more size into the muscle ...... i find this verry hard and stressing naturally.

    i don't know much bout AS but id like to give it a try.

    the only steroid i can get my hand on right now is sustanon 250.
    can you guys show me a cycle for a newbie like me and what other AS you reckon i should get.

    and also can you guys tell me what clomid is ....... and do i need anti estrogen ..........

    i know so much questioin .......... i'll be so gratefull if i can get good answers...........

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    Use the search button. Its your best friend here. You'll find all the answers to these questions and much much more. Welcome aboard AS bro.

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    Re: newbie need help

    Lee, welcome to the board - nice to have you here.

    Close your eyes for a minute and follow this with me. Well, okay, keep your eyes open so you'll be able to read this. (We have a great sense of humor here.)

    You are standing at one end of a bridge. At the other end is the wonderfully wacky world of anabolic steroids , which can carry you to new and greater heights in your life as a bodybuilder.

    The problem is that you are wearing a blindfold right now, and if you begin to cross the bridge while you are still wearing it, you will stray from a straight path and fall off the side of the bridge.

    The only way to get the blindfold off is to educate yourself about anabolic steroids . Because in this game, my brother, you have to make your own decisions. The cycle that works for one person will not work the same way for the next person.

    In most cases, inquiries from "newbies" (new people) on the forum result in the response, "Sorry, bro, you shouldn't do AS." But you're different, because you're older than a lot of guys who come here for the first time. You're getting to the age where you will be ready to try a cycle. And on top of everything else, you have a couple of years of natural bodybuilding experience. But you have much learning to do.

    So - and I realize this will be a big challenge - you have made the first move: Registering here and writing your first post. But you've got a way to go until you take that first injection or swallow that first pill. My advice is that you set - right now - a specific limitation on yourself not to do any steroids for as long as it takes you to give yourself a customized course in theri use. It might be six months, it might be three months - it shouldn't be any less. And during that time - from now until your target date - do as much self-education as you can by reading the information, posts, drug profiles, etc. on this site, as well as on any other sites you find that seem credible. And learn how to identify the creible sites from the non-credible sites (there are many of both types. And most of all, learn how to discern credible sources from those who are out to cheat you.

    So, set your target date now. Say, 1 December. Or, if you're a fast learner, 1 September. Then start the learning process, knowing that when you begin that first cycle, you will know what you are doing. And resolve not to start your cycle any earlier than your target date - remember, you want your knowledge to be as big as your desire.

    You have potentially come here with many questions, bro, and they will be answered for you - over time. But you also need to "read the textbook" (speaking figuratively). You will need to know the background rather than just the answers, to do the class rather than just take the final exam.

    You've made the right start. Again, welcome to the board.

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    Listen an Learn

    Listen to what the Mods have to say...I am new too and am learning a world mor info than I ever did when i dabbled years ago. Stick with it bro!


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    Welcome to AR Lee.

    TNT, if you are not one already then you should be a writer. You have a wonderful mastery of words. Even when you are writing about things I have no interest in (which is rarely) I enjoy reading your post.

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    Lee, welcome! Follow the sage advice you get here: read and learn. It won't take long until you know enough to make solid choices.

    TNT; you should keep that in your computer's clipboard and paste that one into some of the new posts about 5 times a day.

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    Lee, welcome aboard bro, listen to the wise words of TNT, that is the greatest advice you can get here, I've been here for a while now, and after reading TNT's reply, I feel more inspired to keep my never ending search for knowledge, the man always offers a wealth of good teachings and help to all of us.

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