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    newbie in some need of some help

    just picked up some prop, gonna run that eod 800 mg a week, and i wanna take something to help keep some of the gains, like mayb some winnie or primobolan ..but was thinking about picking up some 75 mg anadrols and take one a day with the prop..either that or white d-bols...I'm not reallt sure and at home can only get advice from a couple people.theres a more open pool of opnions here so any help would be appreciated.

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    post your stats and cycle exp pls

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    I wouldn't run either of those compounds with prop since prop is a fast acting ester and you dont need a jump start.

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    Running the prop is ok, and if you want to take the orals thats fine too, but its not necessary to get the Winny or Primo - you would just be wasting your money if its mass building you are looking for. You might want to consider running say 500mg of Test E for 8 weeks and then running the prop for the last 4 weeks. That is a no brainer mass building stack right there that is really conservative for a newbie.

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