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    what to expect

    i am wondering how much gains to expect from a deca 400/week and primo 300/week 10 week cycle? i know that there are plenty of factors involved so i will list as many as i can think of. please tell me if i leave any out. thanks

    it is first cycle ever.
    between 175-180 lbs.
    b/f unknown
    eat like crazy
    tons of protein/day about 300grams
    get at least 7.5-8 hours of sleep/night
    lift heavy weight low reps about 4 times/week (full body every time)

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    Ranger Guest
    A question like this is very hard to answer simply because of so many factors involved...Genetics, diet, training..etc.

    Gains off this cycle could see as much as 20 pounds...How much will be quality...?? Again, diet and genetics will dictate this....

    I like to take in 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day...adding Ginger Root will aid in protein absorbtion....several meals and snacks per day as opposed to three huge ones....

    Alot of misconception surrounds " Bulking " Most feel to bulk, you eat like a pig....True, the weight will add up, but most will be IM Fat storage, and Deca is known for this(Though more so in Af. Americans).....Take it slow, and take in alot of water...adding this amount of protein can back the system up a bit...*wink*

    Train hard, eat for quality, get huge, walk by school yards and scare small children....Heh heh heh....It'll come Bro


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    thanks bro
    one question. does the amount of protein taken in have to be from a supplement drink or bar? can it be a natural protein found in regular foods? also do you know how much protein can be absorbed by the body in one sitting or meal? thanks again.

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    about the protein- I've read your body can absorb 50-60 g every 2-3 hours.
    As for what type- well you want to mix it up. you need different sources' cuz everything has different amino acid profiles. But as too whether suppliments or natural food is better- I guess as long as you mix up the suppliments or natural foods- either one is just as good. Of course you might get scurvy if just live of protein bars and shakes....

    For protein suppliments- whey is the best.
    Also take L-glutamine seperately. this is an essential amino acid that whey protein is a little lacking in. It is the main amino acid in muscle.

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    Ranger Guest
    Good answer...mix the proteins for the best " natural " protein....Fish...Tuna, halibut, orange roughy, etc. Chicken breast, and yes, whey protein...again, Ginger Root has shown to settle the stomach on those who find whey upsets it....just a thought...


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    like you said, alot of factors are gonna come into play. fortunately for you, you have control over alot of them. if i was you, i would plan my diet, rest and workouts to gain at least 20 lbs. if you don't get there, you can't say it wasn't because you didn't eat right, sleep right, or workout hard enough. when you start this thing you should be rested and ready to bust ass for as many weeks as you have planned to cycle. then you have be ready to keep busting your ass so you don't lose your gains.

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