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    Novice Here..Sust 250 or Test Prop.??

    Whats up guys,
    It's Pete again, I am a D1 college athlete. I'm 6''3 170 and I am going to do my 1st cycle soon. I was set on Sust 250 for 8 weeks but I'm having second thoughts and thinking about test prop. I have a Lucent drug test coming up which im not really worried about because they probably aren't going to screen for AS. But I have random drug tests which may start in October. I am looking to put on 15 - 20 lbs. I really dont want my face to blow up so everyone knows I'm on them. What should I take in order to keep the most gains and is out of my system the fastest? I also would like to know what I should take after the cycle so I don't get the side effects. Let me know what you think I should take and how much of it..
    Greatly Appreciated...

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    Sus 250, taper down, come off with clomid as simple as it gets, have some nolva or arimidex on and in case gyno starts

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    The prop will be out of your system much faster. However much more injection. Clomid at the end always. My suggestion would be do your cycle when you do not have to worry about test and do the nessary means to keep the gains after the fact and go into your season with the gains you need. Getting pop on a test is never good for the athlete.

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    There is no need to taper with sust, it's self tapering. Run it at 500mg per week split over two injections for 8 weeks minimum. IMO short test cycles are useless, especially sust because it's going to take about 4-weeks before you even notice it starting to work. Start clomide 3-weeks after your last injection. If you want to keep the retention down and keep a bit of a hard muscular look with some added strength to boot, try throwing a little Winstrol V into the mix. 50mg/EOD. If it helps, there is a little proprionate it sust along with 3 other tests. Although not as high of a concentration as there would be with strait prop shot, but it won't be litterally as big of a "Pain in the Ass either".

    Good Luck

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    you're the 2nd person to ask about a drug test for lucent tech this week. or are you the same person who just wanted a different opinion?

    lucent will not test for steroids period. use anything you want as long as it's not a recreational drug. are you a baseball player?

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