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    Unhappy Can I REVERSE GYNOMASTIA??!!

    I am a 25yr. old male. Last summer (2001) I did one cycle of Enanthate , and two cycles of Winstrol V. This was the first time I had ever juiced, although I have always worked out avidly. I had to stop juicing for personal reasons, but my sore and swollen nipples have not regressed. I understand that by taking an antiestrogen while juicing will prevent "gynomastia". But now that I am not taking steroids , how do I make this problem go away???!! (Also, Is sore and swollen nipples the same thing as "gynomastia"?) PLEASE HELP!

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    I took Arimidex , and mine went away, but get to an endocronologist as fast as you can if you can't get it from a black market source.

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    it depends on how advanced your gyno is. you may never get rid of it...

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    i did a thread on this, from a lot of research I did, read the whole thing... might help you out, just research anything you do... that whole thread was mostly from reading and not experience.

    go here >

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    Son, you need to get some blood tests. If you are experiencing gyno symptoms 9 months after your last cycle, this means your natural hormonal levels never recovered. This happened to a friend of mine a year after a cycle.....tests showed his testosterone levels to still be seriously depressed, leaving estogen to do it's damage. He developed full blown gyno. At your stage, arimidex and proviron may still save you.

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    either ironmaster said or surgery thats it..

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