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    Just how effective is proviron?

    My first two cycles were mild, but despite using 20mg Nolva ED, I still bloated quite a bit and developed lumps behind each nipple. Then, I used letro for my last two cycles and had NO estrogen related sides.......problem is, I also had a very low sex drive while on a gram of test!

    This cycle, I'm considering running 25mg proviron and 20mg nolva ED in place of the letro...........but will that be effective enough for a gyno-prone guy like myself? Proviron is expensive and I don't want to spend the money if it is unlikely to work.

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    Most people will sing its praises, I don't!. And your right, its expensive too. Its a pity really because in the middle east you buy it otc for $5 a bottle!.

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