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    Help on first cycle

    This is my first cycle and I have no idea what to do. My roommate is on here and you have all helped him immensely, so here I am. I am a 29 year old guy who's been lifting for about 2 years. I weigh just under 180, 6' tall, with about 12% body fat. What I am trying to do is hit the 200 pound mark and keep most of my gains after the cycle. It doesn't really matter how long it takes to gain the mass to me, I just want to do it. I just seem to be in a rut and have never been over the 180 lb. mark. So if all you experienced people could give me the run down on what you think would help out that would be great. Thanks for all of you have spend the time to answer.

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    This is a beginer stack..see if you can get a hold of Test enath (t200) or aratest from QV is ok and ttokyo Deca300.
    test=500mg a week for 10 weeks
    deca =400mg a week for 8 weeks.
    You will make good gains with this cycle but u wont be a Cutler after the cycle. Don't forget to get atlest 60 doses of clomid!

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