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    deca how much? how long?

    What's up guys? I started my cycle three weeks ago. This is my first one in about 3 years. My first shot was 50mg, the second one was 200 and the 3rd also. Should I go up this week? Also Im planning on running for at least 10 weeks. Is that to long or is that enough time? With taking Deca do I have to worry about gyno? Should I Take anything after this cycle to help my test levels? Or will I be fine taking nothing afterwards?

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    bro you need test, cloimd, nolv, and some winny and those dose look really low.. IMO

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    this is not a flame (although since im not being too constructive you might think it is!) but you REALLY need to get all your gear together before you start a cycle, and to be honest, i think you should have spent some time reading the posts on this board before you tried to hack together a cycle while you are actually on it!

    sorry bro, but get your ass into gear (excuse the pun) and read up! its your health/ life you are playing with here!!

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    you need to stop. read up,and research! then start over bro!

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