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Thread: Test 250 gains

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    Test 250 gains

    What kinda gain do ya'll experience on test 250: weight, strength, size, etc... Im runnin a 10 wk cycle @ 500 mg/wk. Previous cycles were with deca 300 @ 600mg/wk.

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    gains on sust 250 ......hmmm well many, work out habits, calorie intake, what your shooting times self i am doing sust 250 1 amp e4d and test prop eod....and ive gained 10 pounds easy....but im also using t3 so my fat is 242 and i think the combo of the three has helped me gain mad phisical for work outs......went from 225 incline for 4-6 reps to 315 for 10 reps no prob...but then again you gear up you better train/eat/sleep enough...hope this helps

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    lol im not telling :D
    yep basically its synergetically dependent upon your diet...

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    well my side is still a little painful from that damn Tren but I have a question about test 250. I am considering on using it by itself which I have never done before. I have to go to the doc first and make sure my liver and kidneys are good. Is it less toxic than Fina? I cant take Fina because it makes my lower right abdomen internally sore and I can take all the cranberry and milk thistle and water I want but it still stays pumped up. I have 2 months left before a big vacation and want to be at my largest, it's a mental thing. Anyway, I have easy access to test 250 and need to know it's toxcicity. Thanks for help guys.

    PS-If we can give 20+ replies to the guy asking about the best legal supplement on our "steroid questions" board, we shouuld be able to answer my question. Thanks.

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