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    deca dick with test?

    Hi. I was wondering if its possible to still get the dreaded deca dick while in sust/deca. Im using 500/w sust 400mg/deca i only been taking it for about 6 week. My sex drive is totally shit. I can get hard but the desire just aint there. I been on test before and i wanted to fuck everything. Also when i do have sex the feeling is kinda numb. Is this this deca or have i fucked up? Should i stack test with something other than deca next time. I seriously wouldnt put roids before sex so if i cant sort it i dont wanna do another cycle so anyone know whats going on? was thinking ov trying proviron but dunno if this helps with desire. Ive heard a few ppl say its shit. This problem cant just happen to me. I used to be horny now i feel like a freak. HELP

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    on that cycle you should still want to hit everything.. weid just shows how it's different for everyone... but it's only 13 weeks you could get some virga

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    Same thing happens to me on deca unless I stack it with either Cypionate or Enthanate... Personally I think it has more to do with the sust not keeping your testosterone levels steady for the duration of the cycle... I did the same cycle last time with a little D-bol to kick it off and had the same problem that you're having, but with Cyp or Ent everything was fine... Get some Clomid for when you come off cus you're gonna need it bro, trust me on that one...

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    I had the same problems mixing 300-400 mgs DECA with 500 mgs Test 400.

    I have read that DECA can reduce DHT that you need for the CNS in the brain and libido. We just might be more sensitive to this than others.

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