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    Cycle help...please

    I was planning on doing a summer cutter. It goes like this:

    weeks 1-12: Tren 75mg/ed
    weeks 1-9: EQ 600mg/week
    weeks 1-4: A-bombs 50mg/week 1st 2 weeks, 100mg the next 2
    weeks 6-8: Anavar 30mg/day
    weeks 8-12: winni 100mg/day

    I will be taking arimidex throughout, and clomid/nolva for post cycle. I was wondering if I should throw some test in, and where. I am using the winni late to help prevent the onset of progesterone gyno from the tren, since I will be on it for a while. I was also going to run t3/clen during, but not sure where. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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    if its going to be cut cycle why are you adding abombs,they will blow you up like a water lose em.
    and add test @400 mg wk 1-9 with the eq.
    ,cut the tren back to 8 wks
    is 2 wks of anavar going to do anything?run it along side the winny.
    forget about t3 and just go on a clen /eca stack starting with clomid

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